What is NES health?

The NES system is a quick and convenient method of patient screening. NES stands for Nutri-energetic system and measures the Human Body Field. It provides information that would otherwise be almost impossible to access even in an hour long consultation, information that you cannot even know about. This information is then correlated with symptoms and other tests so that treatment can begin.

What is the Human Body-Field?

NES is based on a ground-breaking theory of the human body-field

The body-field is the body’s master control system, the information network that informs the physical body. NES is able to correct this information and energy network of the body-field, which in turn helps restore the body’s own self-healing capacities.

Many biotechnologies rely on detecting distorted frequencies in cells or organs and then sending a corrective signal in the form of sound, light, magnetic and such. But if the body-field is distorted, then the body cannot hold those corrective frequencies. Eventually, they will become distorted again. Any correction, therefore, is usually short term.

How does NES work?

NES works by scanning the body-field. The scan itself is quick and non-invasive. In only minutes the test determines distortions and blockages that correlate bio-energetically to the physical body.

The scan assesses the body-field, noting its distortions and blockages. It prioritizes these according to NES theory: we have discovered that there is a ‘preferred sequence’ to healing which when followed allows the body to recover in the deepest, most lasting yet quickest way. The scan accounts for this preferred sequence and calculates many other variables and returns the best ‘healing route’ at this moment in time for your client.

What are NES Infoceuticals?

The NES Infoceuticals are liquid remedies that are able to correct the body- field. Once the body-field is corrected, the body knows what to do, when, and how in order to return to its natural state of well-being.

Why do I need a scan?

The scan provides detailed and accurate graphics of how natural and man-made energy fields are affecting the body-field. If distortions are not corrected first, then no therapy can be entirely effective and any healing results may be short term.

The scan provides detailed and accurate graphics of:

How do I know if I need a test?

After an initial evaluation including a short history of your reason for the visit, a NES test will be recommended if the practitioner sees a need for it. The objectives of the test are to help you find out where there are problems and weaknesses in your body and show you how you can take control of your health.

By correlating the energy and information channels to thousands of biological and physiological functions NES gets to the heart of the bioenergetic reality of the body. This, together with other treatments are aimed at giving as quick a recovery as possible.

Together with Homeopathy, NES is at the forefront of the bio-informational and bio-energetic approach to natural health therapy. The two therapies complement each other very well.


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