“ I have known Dr Bocquee for forty years when he became my teacher in Sydney. His influence has been amazing and his knowledge first class. There is no doubt that his advice is always accurate and knowledgeable. Over the years I have recommended many patients in Queensland to him with favourable results. He gets my vote as one of the most experienced homoeopathic doctors in Australia.
Leonie Egan

My family and I have known Gerard for over 25 years and have valued his knowledge and advice and the remedies he has prescribed for us. His vast knowledge, experience and advice over the years have been very valuable. I can’t stress enough as to how valuable it was when living out in isolated areas in western Qld. It was very comforting to know that we could ring Gerard up for advice and know by the next week we would have the remedies that were needed. I never go anywhere without the first aide kit. Gerard has immunized all my children using homoeopathy; I wouldn’t do it any other way. None of us have suffered any illness apart from an odd cough n flu which goes in a day or two and have never had to lie down to recover.

Homoeopathy in itself is a truly amazing way to treat all ailments, from getting your constitutional remedy, to using it on a first aide bases. Gerard is trustworthy and I know you will get the best care, advice and treatment if you choose to come on board with him as we have.

Good health Christine Crawford

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