All practitioners in attendance at this clinic are members of the Australian Association of Professional Homoeopaths Inc. and registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths. All our practitioners are dedicated to the advancement of Homoeopathy and to providing high quality services. Dr G. Bocquee is a graduate of the Homoeopathic Medical College of South Africa. He founded the Homoeopathic College of Australia in 1979, and has lectured in Homoeopathy as well as microbiology and immunology. He has given many public lectures including one to the medical and nursing staff of the lngau Hospital in P.N.G.

Dr Bocquee is a founding and life member of the Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths. He has managed the Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia since 1981. Dr Bocquee was a member of the Curriculum Development Advisory Committee of TAFE developing a course in Homoeopathy. Previous to embarking on his new career as a homoeopath, Dr Bocquee worked in the chemistry and biochemistry labs of the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute where he gained experience in soil and sugar testing, and later was Product Development assistant in a food processing plant in South Africa. He also has wide experience in the Fertiliser and Petroleum Industry.