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HOMLAB has operated as Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia since 1981. The abbreviation HomLab was incorporated in the name in 2000, when we moved to our new address in Trendy West End, one Km from the city centre.

We are proud of our achievement, having started at a time when Homeopathy was not so well known as now. Over the years we have endeavored to not only provide good service but also stock all remedies to the extent where that was possible. Today we have a wide range of remedies and practitioners, who do not wish to stock rare remedies, have access to them.

HomLab has been under the management of Gerard Bocquee D.Hom (South Africa ), who, with his experience as a Laboratory Analyst and in Research and Development, ensures quality control.

Gerard Bocquee, who instituted the first college of Homeopathy in Australia, in 1979, namely The Homeopathic College of Australia pty ltd, and the Homeopathic Society of Australia, HSA, also in 1979, now the Australian Association of professional Homeopaths, inc is a life member of this association.

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