Historical background

The sad passing away of the three great homeopaths that Brisbane has ever known has left a big gap in the services these men rendered to the people of Brisbane. Gerard Bocquee is indeed endebted to these pioneers whom he greatly admired. Mr Flisher, Harold Plint and Herb Podesta have indeed left their mark on the homeopathic history of Brisbane. It is somewhat regrettable that the new generation of homeopaths have but forgotten these great pioneers. In recognition therefore of their service to the people of Brisbane, Gerard Bocquee wishes to pay special tribute to the men who have raised the level of health of so many people who would have otherwise known an earlier death. Homeopathy is undoubtedly of prime importance in increasing not only longevity but also quality of life. Gerard is especially endebted to the priceless coaching he received from Herb Podesta.

We give homeopathic consultation to patients from all over Brisbane, mainly from the North and South side of Brisbane.

History and vision for the future

Brisbane Homeopathic and Integrative clinic has operated since 1979 under various names. The longest was the Auchenflower Homeopathic Health Center between 1992 and 2000. We have operated under the name Homlab in West End since July 2000. Brisbane has seen many changes since, not only in the progress that Homeopathy has made but also the city itself. With the advent of new technology older establishments have to some extent struggled to stay afloat. Added to that was the introduction of GST. But the need for Homeopathic medicine has been on the increase ever since. Our vision is that everyone will have access to our services, be it through our experienced Homeopathic Practitioners or our homeopathic pharmacy which continues to supply an extensive range of homeopathic medicine from the lowest to the highest potencies. Situated one Km from the city centre we are reachable to the larger population of Brisbane. We are also making available Skype consultations for those who cannot gain access to our clinic.

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