After graduating from the Homeopathic Medical College of South Africa in 1978, I was eager to start practising upon my arrival in Australia. Having acquired valuable experienced after working in chemistry and biochemistry Laboratories I was equally keen in opening a homeopathic pharmacy in Brisbane, the Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia in 1981.

Born in Mauritius, I was introduced to herbal medicine very early in life.

My passion for healing the sick stems from me having been the sickest of the six children in my family. Desiring to help someone who has the same suffering as yourself is a Homeopathic principle. Homoeo is Greek for 'similar' and pathos for 'suffering,' hence Homeopathy. It is therefore natural that curing like with like be so acceptable worldwide.

With a background in research at the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute (MSIRI), lecturing in both immunology, microbiology and homeopathy I have gained valuable knowledge in the various aspects of disease and their homeopathic treatment.

One of the longest serving homeopaths in Australia, I was responsible for the creation of several organisations, including the Homeopathic Society of Australia (HSA), in 1979, the Homeopathic College of Australia (HCA) in 1979, which graduated some 103 homeopaths, and the Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia in 1981, the name of which being abbreviated to HOMLAB in 2000

I was also responsible for the creation of a Registration Mechanism for Homeopaths in Australia, now the Australian Register of Homeopaths, AROH, of which I have been a Board Member on several occasions.

The Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic and the one and only Homeopathic Pharmacy in Brisbane, Homlab-Homeopathic Supply and Research Laboratory of Australia, relocated to Vulture Street in 2016