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Gerard Bocquee

Gerard Bocquee has been practicing homeopathy since 1979 and at a time when there were less than half a dozen homeopathy doctor in Brisbane. He has pioneered the Homeopathic College of Australia, the first college of Homeopathy in Australia. The Homeopathic Society of Australia, now the Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths inc, and started what is still the one and only Homeopathic Pharmacy in Queensland, The Homeopathic Supply And Research Laboratory of Australia. He started the Homeopathic College of Australia in 1979 and has graduated some 103 students, most of whom did their clinic practice under him. Gerard Bocquee is not only experienced in teaching but also in training and he is one of the most popular homeopathy doctor in Brisbane. He boasts research in some 300 medical conditions, with an extensive data base of conditions and their homeopathic treatment. He is one of the few homeopathy doctor in Brisbane who use herbal medicine in conjunction with his homeopathic practice. His teaching experience has won him the right to take overseas internship from various fields, such as pharmacy and cosmetology.


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