Our Motto is Homeopathy First

Our Objectives

Practitioners of various background and modalities working together to bring about optimum health. We put you the patient first. Hence, the name Homeopathy first as your vital force being at the very core of your health.

Mission Statement

To the notion that “Homeopathy is a branch of medicine”, Dr James Tyler Kent is quoted as having said “Homeopathy is not a branch of medicine, Homeopathy is medicine”

This is indeed a true statement and we believe that Homeopaths all over the world, be they ‘lay Homeopaths’ or ‘Medical Homeopaths’ would agree to that.

The highest ideal of cure is about the body healing itself through the vital force. Whatever the method one cannot ignore or bypass the body’s vital energy. Health cannot be complete unless the vital force is restored. Existence itself depends on that vital principle.

Therefore when Modern Medicine ignores Homeopathy medicines it ignores life itself. Orthodox Medicine assumes that Homeopathy is outside the scope of Medicine. Rather, we believe that it is Modern Medicine that forms an integral part of Homeopathy.
Surgery, for instance, is the results of the failure of the body to self heal. So surgery is on the outside not the inside. By this we mean that surgery, being a last resort, follows all other therapies when self healing has not or cannot take place. Beyond that point the body becomes dependent on outside help, in the same way that the national army of a country forms the core of its defense. Orthodox medicine, then, is at the periphery of all other forms of treatment. It may be necessary to resort to invasive therapy but only when all else fails.
Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine. Yet there is a scope to combine various other therapies and methods that we believe will supplement any additional need you may have. eg detox, cellular health, weight management, anti-ageing, nutrition, osteopathy, herbal medicine, antibiotics, surgery etc.

What is Integrative Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the most complete system of complementary and alternative medicine, able to address limitless health conditions.
In conjunction with other therapies our system of integrated medicine will help you regain and retain optimal health.
Homeopaths are primary health care providers of a complete system of medicine which takes in consideration the whole person including Mental Health, Nutrition, Emotional life, Ageing, Palliative care of the terminally ill, effects of Electric shocks, Radiation, Lactose and Gluten Intolerance, Leaky Gut Syndrome, ADDH, Heavy Metal Detoxification, Kidney Detox, Allergies, Male and Female Health, Malabsorption, Heat Strokes, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Pregnancy Problems, Sterility
Even so all the above conditions are the domain of homeopathy yet Integrative Homeopathy works in conjunction with Nutritional Medicine, Acupuncture, Conventional Medicine, Surgery, Herbal Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Nutri-energetic medicine and many others.
This makes Integrative homeopathy the medicine of the 21st Century which though a complete therapy in its own rights, integrates other modalities as the need arise.
We are very happy to work with your doctor to solve your health issue. Our services are not independent of what your doctor has already helped you with. We work in conjunction with your medical practitioner whenever that is possible.

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